OB/GYN of Indiana OB Nurse Educators Ready to Assist Pregnant Patients

Providing education and counseling patients regarding diet, immunizations and prenatal testing are only a few of the responsibilities of OB/GYN of Indiana’s OB Nurse Educators.

Throughout OB/GYN of Indiana’s eight locations, have eight OB Nurse Educators providing these and additional services to new obstetrical patients.

“An OB Nurse Educators spends time with any newly pregnant person taking their history, going over all the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy,” said Fishers Practice Manager Lisa Richter. “It is important for women and their partners to have someone to take one on one time with them answering their questions.”

Jessica Garcia has been an OB Nurse Educators at OB/GYN of Indiana for almost 10 years and said the most rewarding part of her position includes helping patients. “I want to make a difference with new moms and see those patients who have struggled with loss have a successful pregnancy.” Garcia, also fluent in Spanish, is a huge assist to her primarily Spanish speaking patients.

Elizabeth Kalp, OB Nurse educator at the North Office agrees with Garcia about the rewards. “The reward comes in the appreciation the patients show by answering their many questions. I am so blessed I love my job and to work with such caring amazing doctors everyday!”

Staff Nurse of OB/GYN North Office, Hadleigh Fausset said that the OB/GYN of Indiana Physicians are phenomenal to work with. “This is really is a great place to work,” Fausset said. “I already knew that as a patient and as a labor and delivery nurse.”

“I enjoy speaking to a postpartum mom. Having been one myself, I feel like I really can relate and provide the education they need to get through their issues,” Fausset said.

Other responsibilities include processing and triaging new patients, assessing high risk status, NST testing, supporting physicians with procedures and providing support in cases of fetal demise.

“The biggest challenge in my position is trying to handle situations and patients regarding pregnancy loss or recurrent pregnancy loss,” Garcia said. “I truly care for my patients and all of their potential outcomes.”

According to Carol Moore, she started at Carmel OB/GYN of Indiana working with her husband and his partners more than 15 years ago. She became an OB Nurse Educator when the position became available. “I”ve loved it ever since. I have always thought that if the educators did their jobs well it would make the physician’s job a little easier during their busy day,” Moore said.

The OB/Nurse educators all have graduated from an accredited nursing program, have at least one year applicable OB/GYN experience and a state license as a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse.

“With onset of increased technology and access to information it seems that many patients have fears and misinformation about pregnancy. Through early education, we help to orient them to the practice, alleviate fears, correct misinformation and encourage them to enjoy this wonderful experience,” Moore said. “I am so lucky that I get to share this life changing event with so many parents.”

If you are newly pregnant or plan to become pregnant, contact one of our eight locations to set up an appointment with our one of our providers and one of our OB Nurse Educators look forward to answering your questions.