OB/GYN of Indiana Offers Physical Therapy

Along with obstetrics and gynecological care, OB/GYN of Indiana offers a variety of physical therapy services to OB/GYN of Indiana patients. “The options offered are beyond the realm of typical physical therapy,” Andrea Bognar, PT at the North Meridian and South Locations said. “Our services focus on identifying and treating the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular issues women often face.”

Bognar is an experienced physical therapist who focuses on helping women with pelvic floor conditions, such as pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction, urinary and fecal incontinence, coccyx, low back pain, and prenatal/postpartum conditions. “Additionally, I treat those with abdominal pain, often caused by endometriosis, IBS, or post-surgical scarring and adhesions,” Bognar said.

According to Bognar women of all ages in various phases of life can experience different problems and PT can often help alleviate them. “Back and hip pain in pregnancy, pelvic pain or pain with intercourse, abdominal pain, incontinence issues and even oncology-related problems are just some of the diagnoses helped by physical therapy,” Bognar said.

Bognar seeks out opportunities to speak and educate the public about the impact of physical therapy and all the benefits of this non-invasive approach to treatment. “I believe very strongly in personalized and focused, hands-on care for each patient,” Bognar said. “Every appointment and every treatment is tailored for the patient and her particular needs.”

“Typically, women will meet with their doctor to discuss their concerns and determine if physical therapy is a good option, and if so, their doctor will simply refer them for the appointment,” Bognar said.

If you would like to find out more about physical therapy options, contact OB/GYN of Indiana to schedule an appointment.

Andrea Bognar