OB/GYN of Indiana physician’s offer minimally invasive procedures in-office to help diagnose and treat abnormal bleeding

Elizabeth Nowacki, DOIf a patient has irregular bleeding, a hysteroscopy is an in-office procedure to see what is going on inside the uterus. “Endosee is the newest and easiest version of a hysteroscopy. It is a camera on a stick,” Dr. Elizabeth Nowacki of OB/GYN of Indiana Fishers office said. “It allows a physician to quickly look inside the uterus with little to no prep beforehand. We can get an answer right away and see what is going on due to the fact that the Endosee has picture and video capability.”

According to Dr. Nowacki any woman can be a candidate. “It’s especially helpful for the post-menopausal bleeder where taking them to the OR with general anesthesia is not the preferred option. Endosee is extremely well tolerated,” Dr. Nowacki said.

Pre-menopausal women who experience a heavy or irregular menses may benefit from an endometrial ablation. “Women who have multiple periods a month, are done having children and are okay with being permanently sterilized can greatly benefit from the NovaSure Endometrial Ablation,” Dr. Nowacki said. “This procedure cauterizes the lining of the uterus to decrease or stop menstrual bleeding.”

The ablation procedure takes 90-120 seconds and can be done in the office. According to Dr. Nowacki a patient can be pretreated with a mild pain medicine and sedative. “It’s significantly less expensive than doing the procedure in an operating room. There’s no need for an IV and the patient can go back to work the next day. It’s a very well tolerated procedure with high patient satisfaction. Many women see a decrease or resolution to PMS symptoms such as cramping, headaches, pelvic pain, mood swings, etc. I equate this procedure to quieting the angry uterus.”

Endometrial ablation patient Annie Roof had her procedure in 2015. “I had ablation because my periods were so heavy and uncomfortable. Birth control didn’t relieve the symptoms,” Roof said.

According to Roof it’s a great option for women. “It’s good to have a solution that has such a short recovery time and little discomfort during the procedure,” Roof said. “I was hiking a few days after the procedure.”

If you could benefit from these procedures or have additional questions, contact OB/GYN of Indiana to schedule your appointment today.