May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month

Preeclampsia can be an intimidating word for an expecting mother because its diagnosis can alter the course of their pregnancy and can ever occur postpartum.

The reason women develop preeclampsia is unknown. However, there are a few risk factors including it being your first pregnancy, multiple gestation, history of high blood pressure, obesity or being over age 35, to name a few.

“It’s really important to diagnose this immediately because delays can impact both the mother and baby,” Dr. Kristine Bolin of OB/GYN of Indiana Fishers Office said. “Prompt treatment is imperative.”

Preeclampsia is characterized by high blood pressure during pregnancy. Some of the symptoms can include severe headaches, right upper abdominal pain, swelling (edema), shortness of breath, changes in vision and nausea.

Kristine Bolin MD“However, sometimes women just don’t feel right. Trust yourself and contact your provider immediately. We can diagnose the issue,” Dr. Bolin said. “It’s a serious condition that needs to be monitored and treated. Go to all your prenatal appointments so your doctor can monitor your blood pressure. Contact your doctor right away if you develop any symptoms,” Dr. Bolin said.

Our physicians at OB/GYN of Indiana are experienced to assist with the issues expectant mothers may face during pregnancy and do everything possible to help ensure a happy, healthy baby and a happy, healthy mother.