Natural Family Planning

Reading your body’s signs and learning more about your natural functions are only a few ways to create fertility awareness.
Fertility awareness is a method to determine days of the month you are most likely to get pregnant and can be used as a form of birth control.
“We used to talk about natural family planning, or the rhythm method, or the calendar method, but really those are very antiquated,” Dr. Maret Cline of OB/GYN of Indiana Carmel Office said. “Today’s models of fertility awareness are based on solid scientific research, so that you canMaret Cline feel comfortable using these methods to either achieve or avoid your pregnancy.”
There are several contraceptive methods available and fertility awareness is a method that doesn’t use drugs, chemicals or devices.
According to Dr. Cline, fertility awareness is a great option. “It’s a great way for a woman to really learn about her monthly cycle. It’s always amazing to me how little women know about what’s going on in their body throughout the month,” Cline said. “We can use the information and a woman can learn about her natural monthly cycles to either achieve, or avoid a pregnancy.”
Dr. Cline who specializes in fertility awareness can help you and your partner decide which method is best. “I have a passion for natural family planning, or fertility awareness. About four years ago I went through training in the Creighton Model System of natural family planning and I’m trying to incorporate that more into my practice.”
The Creighton Model System relies upon observation and charting of biological markers. “It’s based purely on cervical mucus observations. It’s a way that women can avoid adding artificial hormones to their system, and instead can focus on what their body is already naturally doing, and work cooperatively with your cycle.”
If you are interested in learning more about natural family planning, contact OB/GYN of Indiana to schedule an appointment.