October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Deborah Ronco, MDOver a lifetime, one in eight women will have breast cancer. Discovering breast cancer early can be lifesaving and 3D Mammography (TOMOSYNTHESIS) can detect cancers before they appear in a 2D mammogram.

“A 3D Mammogram is better at finding early breast cancers,” said Dr. Deborah Ronco of OB/GYN of Indiana North Office. “It also has a lower chance of having a call-back for benign conditions.”

According to Dr. Ronco a family history of breast cancer or having a known genetic mutation increases your risk of breast cancer. “Also, early onset of your periods, not having kids or not breastfeeding, being overweight and drinking alcohol can also increase your risk.”

3D Mammograms are similar to 2D Mammograms in that each patient should avoid wearing deodorant or lotion near the breasts or armpits the day of the mammogram. “Your breast will be placed between two plates and firm pressure will be applied,” Dr. Ronco said. “It only takes a few seconds for each breast.”

3D Mammography allows the highest chance of early detection of breast cancer. “I have yearly 3D Mammograms because I want the best chance of spotting it and the lowest chance of a recall for additional testing,” Dr. Ronco said.

OB/GYN of Indiana North Office located at 8091 Township Line Road, Suite 206, Indianapolis offers the latest technology of 3D Mammography in the new, spacious mammography suite, which includes a private changing area. Dr. Ronco suggests having your mammogram scheduled at the same time you do your annual exam.

Schedule your mammogram and annual exam online at obgynindiana.com or call our North Office at 317-415-1000 to schedule your appointment.