Introducing AxiaConnect Telemedicine Program- A new way to access care from the comfort of your home 

OB/GYN of Indiana, a Division of Axia Women’s Health is pleased to offer a telemedicine option for our patients, particularly during this current COVID-19 pandemic and our temporary NO visitor policy. Continue social distancing by connecting with an OB/GYN of Indiana provider from home, using your: 

  • Mobile phone 
  • Tablet 
  • Computer 

AxiaConnect is secure, HIPAA-compliant, and simple to use. The program only requires downloading the ZOOM app through the link prior to your appointment. No complicated login process involved, don’t have to create an account, no password to remember. At the time of your appointment, simply click to enter your waiting room with your provider and be connected with real-time care and medical guidance.  

AxiaConnect telemedicine appointments can be made to replace a variety of visit types, including: 

  • Routine pregnancy care/postpartum visits
  • Gynecology problem visits
  • Surgery/post-surgery consults
  • Birth control consults
  • Infertility consults
  • Family Planning/Preconceptual counseling
  • Vaginitis/STI testing
  • Menopausal symptom consultation
  • PMS symptom consultation
  • Follow-ups related to: IUD, birth control, lab results, medication adjustments

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To schedule a telemedicine appointment call your Care Center or request an appointment here.