Mammography Services

Screening For Breast Cancer

Physicians agree early detection is the best defense against breast cancer. If discovered in its earliest stages, the chances of survival are now quite high. Until recently, the standard of care in breast imaging was Digital Mammography. While considered to be exponentially better than previous technology, Digital Mammography still has limitations that keep physicians seeking the next technological innovation in breast imaging. Digital Mammography was never inferior – it’s just that 3D is so much better!

3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis)

The science behind 3D Mammography allows clinicians to see detail within the breast they could not see before. For the experienced breast imaging radiologist interpreting a 3D Mammogram study, this higher level of acuity means that cancer can be detected, diagnosed, and treated well before it becomes more advanced.

Patient Benefits:

  • Fewer “false positives”
  • Fewer call backs
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved outcomes
  • Peace of mind

Available at our North location

Our 3D Mammography suite is convenient and assures maximum comfort and privacy. In order to make it convenient and easy to remember, your mammogram can now be done at the same time as your next annual appointment. Mammograms can be scheduled independently as well. Please call our office at 317-415-1000 and we would be happy to accommodate your preferences.

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