AxiaConnect Telemedicine

Woman uses smart phone for virtual doctor's appointment from home

A new way to access care from the comfort of your home

OB/GYN of Indiana, a Division of Axia Women’s Health is pleased to offer a telemedicine option for our patients, particularly during our current COVID-19 pandemic. Continue social distancing by connecting with an OB/GYN of Indiana provider from home, using your: 

  • Mobile phone
  • Tablet
  • PC/laptop/desktop computer

AxiaConnect is secure, HIPAA-compliant, and simple to use. The program only requires downloading the ZOOM app link you will be emailed prior to your appointment. No complicated login process involved, no password to remember. At the time of your appointment, simply click to enter your waiting room with your provider and be connected with real-time care and medical guidance. 

AxiaConnect telemedicine appointments can be made to replace a variety of visit types, including:

  • Routine pregnancy care/postpartum visits
  • Gynecology problem visits
  • Surgery/post-surgery consults
  • Birth control consults
  • Infertility consults
  • Family Planning/Preconceptual counseling
  • Vaginitis/STI testing
  • Menopausal symptom consultation
  • PMS symptom consultation
  • Follow-ups related to: IUD, birth control, lab results, medication adjustments


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover telemedicine appointments?
Most major payers will cover telemedicine during this emergency time period. However, we encourage you to check with your insurance provider to be certain. 


What kind of device will support the technology?
Any smartphone, tablet, or PC device with microphone and camera will work. Blackberry is not supported.

Can I request to see my preferred provider through AxiaConnect?
Yes. Most of our providers are participating and we will do our best to connect you to your preferred provider if they are available at your preferred day/time.   Speak with you care center to discuss availability.  


How do I know if my appointment has been scheduled?
You will receive and email from Secure Video Support” immediately after the appointment has been scheduled.  It is important for you to confirm your session time and to download the Zoom app from the link provided. No need to Join a Meeting or Sign-in.   


Do I have to submit paperwork ahead of time online?
You will be required to electronically sign your telemedicine visit consent form. It will be emailed to you from OB/GYN of Indiana. It will say “Check-in online for your telemedicine appointment”. No paperwork or scans are necessary

How do I pay my copay?
You will receive an email from OB/GYN of Indiana titled “Check-in online for your telemedicine appointment. You will be asked to pay your copay with your debit/credit card if your insurance requires one.  This payment will be required to start your session.  If it is unknown if your plan requires a co-pay, the visit will be billed and a co-pay invoice will be sent to you after your virtual visit.


Are there privacy concerns I should be aware of regarding the use of Zoom for my appointment?
OB/GYN of Indiana takes the privacy of our patient data seriously. AxiaConnect uses the SecureVideo Telehealth platform which, through its unique integration with Zoom, acts as a HIPAA-complaint overlay and does notuse Zoom to store any personal health information.  Patients are scheduled inside the SecureVideo platform on the practice side, and a unique, random meeting is then generated in Zoom for the telehealth visit. 

We are aware that regulators are inquiring into Zoom’s practices and trying to ensure they are secure, given the recent surge in overall usage of Zoom.  We welcome regulatory oversight of the technology companies we partner with, as this only helps to ensure the safety and security of everyone’s data.